Frsluflokkur: Stjrnml og samflag

Me nefi milli stafs og hurar

Bjarni segist engum dyrum loka. En honum hefur heldur ekki tekist a opna neinar dyr, rtt fyrir a hafa reynt. Hann geldur ess a 64% kjsenda hafnai stjrnarflokkunum og a gerir Sjlfstisflokkinn toxskan fyrir alla nema Framskn. Og n tlar Panama strkurin "a sj til", rtt eins og hann viti ekki eftir umrurnar a enginn vill vera me honum og hann situr eftir me nefi klemmt milli stafs og hurar. Hefur engum dyrum loka
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

Hver vill ka me Bjarna?

Kannskivar a bara knt hj Guna Th. a lta Bjarna hafa umboi til a byrja me. annig er ekki hgt a benda forsetann seinna og segja a hann hafi gengi fram hj sigurvegurum kosninganna. En g tri ekki a Guni hafi nokkra tr a Bjarni geti mynda starfhfa stjrn. a vantar einfaldlega of miki upp .

Fir ea engir vilja vina me Bjarna og a arf ekki sjlfu sr ekki a ganga neinar grafgtur me a. Allir voru bnir a gefa a t fyrir kosningar, a eir mundu ekki vilja lta bendla sig vi spillinguna Sjlfstisflokknum. v um lei og eir geru a vru eir ornir bi jfsnautar og svikarar vi kjsendur snar. A kalla a "bara plitk" egar flk gengur bak ora sinna eftir kosningar, er merki um sileysi og heiarleika eirra sem a gera. Kunnugri afstu hvort annars
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Konurnar bjarga Bandarkjunum

Hva amar a bandarskum karlmnnum? Ef ekki vri fyrir sterkt fylgi kvenna vi Hillary, gtu kosningarnar fari eins og essar myndir sna.


Karfa af gei

Sjnvarpsumrur Trump og Clinton ntt, snnuu eitt skipti fyrir ll a stjrnml Bandarkjunum, eru htt a ykjast snast um stjrnml, hva skynsemi ea sannleika. Trump hefur tekist a sna fram me fylgi snu, a str hluti Bandarkjamanna ks frnleikann umfram allt anna og vill f afskrminguna mengaa og beint . Kannski er a bara gtt a hnignunin USA s a fullu opinberu v Trump er ekkert anna en Hillary spspegli. - a er illa komi fyrir heiminum egar a plitsk raunvera valdamesta rki hans, tekur fram frnleika allri mgulega myndari satru. En hva geturheimsbyggin anna gert en bsnast og vona a komi sld ur en a einhver trur hvta hsinu rstir raua hnappinn. Er sigur r augnsn?
Tilkynna um vieigandi tengingu vi frtt

HH on Ice

I think it is absolutely a terrific idea to link together the accomplishments of the Icelandic football team last summer, and the fantastic story of the Winnipeg Falcons Hockey team. For the roots of the two may lie deeper than anyone suspects. The folowing text is based upon information gathered from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and elsewhere.

winnipegfalcons.jpgTheWinnipeg Falcons (Their story in a Video) were a senior men's amateur ice hockey team based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Winnipeg Falcons won the 1920 Allan Cup. That team went on to represent Canada in the 1920 Olympic games held in Antwerp, Belgium. There the Falcons, soundly beating all their opponents, won for Canada the first ever Olympic Gold Medal in ice hockey and changed the way Hockey was played from there on.

The Winnipeg Falcons hockey team was founded in 1911 with a roster of entirely Icelandic players who had not been able to join other Winnipeg teams due to ethnic prejudice. In their first season, 19111912, they finished at the bottom of their league. The next year, Konnie Johannesson and Frank Fredrickson joined the team. That team turned out to be a winner in the league.

The game of Ice Hockey that the young Icelanders took so readily to, can at least in part be traced back to a game played the Mi'kmaqIndians of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

The Mikmaq (also Micmac) are a First Nations people indigenous to Canada's Maritime Provinces and the Gasp Peninsula of Quebec. They call this region Mikmaki. Others today live in Newfoundland and the northeastern region of Maine. the Mikmaq, a First Nations people of Nova Scotia, had from time immemorial played a stick-and-ball game. Canadian oral histories describe a traditional stick-and-ball game played by the Mikmaq in eastern Canada, and Silas Tertius Rand (in his 1894 Legends of the Micmacs) describes a Mikmaq ball game known as tooadijik.

good_old_days_of_ice_hockey.pngWindsor (Nova Scotia, Canada) claims that it is thebirthplace of the ice hockey. This is citation from their site: There is near-irrefutable evidence that it was in Windsor that the game the world knows as ice hockey had its humble origins as early as the year 1800, on Long Pond. It is in the writings of Thomas Chandler Haliburton that the first known reference to a form of ice hockey can be found: the boys of Windsors Kings College School adapted their British game of hurley to the ice. And hurley-on-ice developed over time into the internationally popular game of ice hockey, still considered by most Canadians as their national sport.

In fact, this theory is strongly connected with the theory that ice hockey is a game adopted from Mikmaq Indians. The main difference is that Mikmaq Indians are not explicitly mentioned in this theory (but the place is still the same, Nova Scotia, Canada).

Since the nineteenth century, the Mikmaq were credited with inventing the ice hockey stick. The oldest known hockey stick was made between 1852 and 1856. Recently, it was appraised at $4 million US and sold for $2.2 million US. The stick was carved by Mikmaq from Nova Scotia, who made it from hornbeam, also known as ironwood.

As it happens Canada's Maritime Provinces is where the Norse explorer; Leifur Eirksson, and others who followed in the wake of his ships, are known to have settled around the year 1000. The Mi'kmaqs may indeed well be the"Skrlingar" that are so frequently mentioned in the Icelandic Sagas.

Dating to around the year 1000,L'Anse aux Meadows is widely accepted as evidence of pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact. It is notable for its possible connection with the attempted colony of Vinland established by Leif Erikson around the same period or, more broadly, with Norse exploration of the Americas. It was named a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1978.

ballgame_illustration.gifAnd the Norse/Icelanders played sknattleikur; a similar game to Icehockey, that had been played for a thousand years or more by the Norse, as documented in the Icelandic sagas. Today, no one knows exact rules of Knattleikur, but some information has survived from the Viking Age in Iceland around the 9th century..

We know that players were divided into teams, each with a captain. The game demanded so much time that it was played from morning to night. It was a spectator game, with tournaments drawing huge crowds from all over Iceland.
Game-play involved a hard ball that was hit by a stick, although players could also use their hands. Body contact was allowed in the fight for the ball where the strongest had the best chance to win. Thus, intimidation was a vital ingredient; several wars of words have been recorded in the old sagas. There were also penalties and a penalty box.
isleggir.jpgIt is conjectured by some that the playing field was lined, usually played on a flat ice covered surface, e.g. a frozen pond (though bumpy, landbased ice, svell, is also mentioned).
The players may have used "sleggir" or "Iceleggs" which were cattle bones that they tied to their shoos.
Weather the Norse people that befriended the North American natives in the 10th and 11th century really taught them the game of sknattleikur or the Micmacs developed their own, is not known, but it could so easily have happened. Tengja rangurinn vi Flkana
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Going Berserk in Iceland

800px-Berserkjahraun_um_sumarOne of the most rugged and beautiful, and most importantly, untouched lava fields in Iceland, is the one called Berserkjahraun. (Berserk-lava). It is located on the northern side of Snfellsnes peninsula, and just as you come down the mountain highway crossing over the peninsula at Vatnalei, it it comes into view.
I love this area, the colorful and variably shaped mountains around the lava field, but perhaps most of all the stories and legends associated with this part of the land. One of them tells of how the lava field got its name.
Most people have heard of the phrase, going Berserk.
gata1One of the extraordinary features of the lava field is a ancient road (1200 meters long) that cuts into the field. Many believe it to be the oldest man made artifact in Iceland, still in it's original form. And the story of why its was build and why the field came to be named after the Berserks, is recorded in one of Iceland's Saga the Eyrbyggja. It also explains the old burial mound, and the ancient sheep pen still visible in the lava field.
Most people have heard of the phrase "Going Berserk". Berserkers (or berserks) were champion Norse warriors who are primarily reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk. These Viking champions would often go into battle without mail-coats; the word "berserk" meant going into battle wearing only wolf or animal skins.Berserkers are attested to in numerous Old Norse sources.gatan
The Saga tells us about two Swedish berserks, Halli and Leiknir, who Vermundur the Slim, farmer at Bjarnarhofn, brought to the country from Norway in 982. Vermundurs brother, Styr the Slayer, was a powerful wretch, who Vermundur wanted to stand up to, and figured he would be able to do so with the aid of the Berserks The problem, however, was that Vermundur could not keep the berserks busy enough to subdue their rage and saw no other solution than to ask his brother to take them off his hands. Styr the Slayer obliged reluctantly and soon found himself in a dilemma in spite of continuous killings. Then Halli, one of the berserks, fell in love with his daughter and asked for her hand in marriage.
Styr the Slayer went to his friend, Snorri the chieftain, at Helgafell to seek advice. When he came back, he told the berserks that he would give Halli his blessing after they had finished clearing a path through the rugged lava field, build a boundary fence across it, and a sheep pen in it. The Berserks went berserk and finished the tasks in a remarkably short time. Before they did however, Styr the Slayer prepared an underground sauna for them and covered it with thick boards of wood. When the Berserks returned tired and sweaty from their work, Styr invited them to relax in the sauna and they accepted. The hole was covered properly, big boulders put on the boards and excessive quantities of boiling hot water poured through the opening styr had prepared, on to the hot stones below. It soon became unbearably hot in the hole, but in spite of the heat, the berserks managed to break out. They were however much too weak to defend themselves against Styr the slayer. He had spread wet and slippery bull hides on the ground around the hole and succeeded in killing both the Berserks. Their bodies were taken into a depression in the lava field, where they were buried close to the bridle path as can be seen up to this date.
800px-Bronsplt_pressbleck_land_vendeltidThe Berserks are probably also responsible for the legends of werewolves we have all become so fascinated with of late. The lfhnar (singular lfheinn and means Wolf warrior), is another term associated with berserkers and mentioned in the Vatnsdla saga, were Berserks said to have worn the pelt of a wolf when they entered battle.
lfhnar are also sometimes described as Odin's special warriors: that is men who went without their mail coats and were mad as hounds or wolves, bit their shields as they slew men, and neither fire nor iron had any effect upon them. This was called "going berserk".
Yet another connection the Berserk have with Iceland is the infamous Berserk mushroom. The Berserk were by many suspected of obtaining their trance like state, by consuming some kind of a psychedelic drug. The obvious candidate is the berserk mushroom or Amanita muscaria that grows in several places in Iceland

Hva jin skili?

Ori gtunni og kaffistofunum er a enn s ekki kominn fram forsetaframbjandi sem sem jin gti stt sig vi sem jhfingja. egar a listinn er skoaur dag, skir samt a manni s hugsunJoseph de Maistre a hver j fi leitoga og stjrnsem hn skili. Og satt a segja er slenska jin til alls vs egar kemur a v a kjsa leitoga sina og lklega ekkert gott skili, ef eitthva er a marka franska heimspekinginn. Um a vitna niurstur sustu alingiskosninga og hvernig Framsknarflokkurinn var endurlfgaur og reistur til valda. - g held samt enn vonina me kaffistofuflkinu a fram komi bolegur kanddatsem ekki nr kjri aeins 12-14% atkva eins og allt stefnir a gti gerst ef nverandi frambjenda listi stendur breyttur.

g veit a ekki...Nldur sunnudagsmorgni

g er bsettur um essar mundir mib Reykjavkur.kva a gerast Latte lepjandi mibjarrotta eins og einhver orai a. Hugsai me mr hversu gilegt a gti veri a urfa ekki a skja neitt langt a, geta skroppi veitingasta og rltheim.

feramennFyrir aeins remur rum, ri 2013 egar kvrunin var tekin, var fjldi feramanna borginni svo til viranlegur. sttu landi heim um 700.000 feramenn ri. N hefur s tala tvfaldast og a sem geri miborgina eftirsknarvera mnum augum er horfi. Hver einasta hola er orin a viverusta trista llum tmum slarhringsins. Hvergi er afdrep a finna fyrir sem vilja rifja a upp hvernig a eiga samrur slensku. Um alla miborgina standa yfir byggingaframkvmdir til a hsa enn fleiri feramenn sem vndum eru og jafnvel sunnudagsmorgnum eru borvlarnar og hgghamrarnirkomnir gang fyrir a sem ur var talinn almennur ftaferatmi. -

Andrmslofti er metta grgi og minnir neitanlega standi aflarunum miklu egar a mestu skipti a moka sem mestum fiski upp r sjnum og hirt var lti um gin. Bolfiskurinn ksinni var stungin fyrir miju og Sktuselnumhent. -

Og auvita er a ekki bara mibr Reykjavkur sem er sprunginn lmingunum vegna feramannfjldans. Hakinu ingvllum troast tristarnir upp tsnispallinn til a geta smellt af sr mynd me a sem eir tra a s "Evrpa" baksn. Geysi ltur Kantnan t eins og veitingatjaldi votri jht Eyjum og vi Gullfoss keppast feramenn vi a klofa yfir kejur og skilti sem vara vi httunni a fara lengra. - Blasti vi Seljalandsfoss er eins og maurafa, vi Skgarfoss er a frt sva sem heimamenn hafa ekki vi a moka . Vi Slheimajkul a sama og Reynisfjara er n orin vinsll fangastaur adrenalns fkla.

J margt er mannsins bl, en etta er heimatilbi. Og eftir hfinu dansa limirnir. Stefnuleysi stjrnvalda feramlum endurspeglast best hversu stafst au eru a neita v a beina fjrmagni uppbyggingu innvia landsins sem er nausynlegt til a taka mti essum fjlda feramanna. - Slkt er raun skiljanlegt egar a horft er til eirra miklu tekna sem rki hefur af feramennskunni.-

Er a fura tt a flk fari a spyrja sig hvort stefnan s raun s a drepa af sr essa atvinnugrein, en sjga r henni eins miki og hgt er mean hgt er. Leyfa sinnuleysinu a grassera anga til a r verur algert ngveiti og verur sjvartvegurinn kannski aftur strsta mjlkurkin. g veit ekki...

A lifa ninu

Margir vina minna hafa sagt vi mig a a s best a "LIFA NINU". eir eiga vi a best s a vera ekki a velta sr of miki upp r fortinniog hafa ekki of miklar hyggjuraf framtinni. Ea a held g alla vega. Fyrst tk g alvarlegaog reyndi bkstaflega a lifa ninu. Mr tkst a aldrei og gefast strlega um a a s hgt v mn reynsla er a jafnskjttog lifir ni er a ori a fort. Og jafnvel tt nin hrannist upp, nr vitund mn aldrei a skynja "ni" ruvsi en fort. etta varanlega "n" er ekki til essum heimi. Kannski rum heimi ea heimumar sem tminn er ekki til. -

N, n segja einhverjir, hvar er "best" a lifa?

nowVarla dugar a lifa fortinni ea ninu sem, eins og g sagi an er raun hluti af fortinni. rtt fyrir a segja margir a einhverjir arir su fastir fortinni. etta er oft nota um allskonarafturhaldsseggi og rtttraa plitkusa og mannkynslausnara. ghef reyndar hitt flk sem telur sig lifa rum tmum en eir raun og veru gera, a er eins og vi hin sjum a, en a hefur aallega veri flk illa haldi af einhverjum hrrnunarsjkdmum.

a virist segjasig sjlft a "best" s a lifa framtinni. Og ekki bara best, heldur eina mgulega lfi s henni. Dagurinn dag er sasti dagurinn lfi nu fram a essu. Jafnskjtt og ni kemur er a ori a fort. nnig m segja a best s a lifa framtinni, v a sem g eftir af lfi verur eitt ar um slir. A auki bur framtin upp miklu meiri mguleika en fortin, alla vega persnulegu ntunum, sem eru j einu nturnar sem skipta mli. g get veltfyrir mr hvernig heimurinn verur eftir 4000 r, gert tlun um a skrifa lrar bkmenntir nstu 10 rum og hva g tla a hafa matinn anna kvld. Mguleikarnir virast endalausir og eru a alveg anga til a etta blva n takmarkar og setur inn fortina.

Framtin er sem sagt mli. Allt sem hr er skrifa tilheyrir nna fortinni, bi inni og minni lesandi gur og v fer vel v a a s skrifa sand hinnar iandi eyimerkur sem interneti er.

Samsri samsriskenninganna

Bili milli samsriskenninga og rkrttra elilegra lyktanna virist sfellt vera a styttast. Segja m a vissan htt hafi ramtaskaupi veri fullt af samsriskenningum um a sem raunverulega bj a baki helstu frttum sasta rs.

Biskupinn virist a essu leiti hafa umalinn plsi jarslarinnar og segir ramtavarpi snu; "a er sama hva sagt er og gert er. a er allt dregi efa og stutt er hugsanir um annarlegan tilgang ea hagsmunapot.

Biskupinn endurmar arna nokkurkjandi skounsem er andsvar vi skilgetnu afkvmi spunameistara ntma stjrnarhtta.eir vita manna best a besta leiin til a fela vafasamar agerir aumanna og stjrnvalda (og oftast er ekkimunur essu tvennu) er a koma kreik samsriskenninguum mli, og helst tveimur frekar en einni.

sama tma undrast Forsetinn blminn slendingum og segir snu ramtavarpi;"tt umran um rangur slendinga s hr heima ltt tsku er merkilegt a linu ri skyldu tveir af fremstu hsklum Bandarkjanna og ein virtasta efnahagsstofnun veraldar meta rangur og stu slands ann veg a skipa okkur mrgum svium mist fyrsta sti ea meal hinna efstu."

a er kannski ekki a fura a ngjuraddirnar gerist egar a forsetinn sjlfur segir vi jina sinn kurteisilegahtt; i viti ekki hva i hafi a gott. Reyni a htta essu vli og n ykkur r 2008 sjokkinu. i hafia gott rtt fyrir a i getiekkiborga reikningana. i hafi a gott v tveir hsklar Bandarkjunum og ein tlend efnahagsstofnun segir a.

Forstisrherra tk sama streng og lagi herslu annmikla rangur sem rkisstjrn hans hefur n eftir a hn komst til valda. Allt jkvtt og upplei og ljsleiari hvert hs. - Og fyrsta samsriskenningrsins lt ekki ba eftir sr.

Ra forseta og forstisrherra var samin af sama manni.

a er upplsandi a taka eftir v hverjir fussa og sveiavi samsriskenningunumog hverjir halda eim lofti. eir sem fussa eru oftast eir sem gtu hugsanlega upplst allt um mlin og hinir, eir sem ekki enga hafa mguleika a gera a.-

En stundum vera fussararnir a lta minni pokann. T.d. samykkti Allsherjaring Sameinuu janna nlega a opna enn aftur rannsknina einni langlfustu samsriskenningu sustu aldar,.e. um dauaDag Hammarskjold.(Og hr)

Og tminn er vinur samsriskenningamanna. a hefur komi ljs afjlmargar illrmdar samsriskenningar hafa reynst sannar.

Sterkustu rk samsriskenninganna eru oftast "fylgi peningaslinni". S afer hefurreyndarreynst afar vel slandi svo fremi sem flk nennira rekja hana. Reyndar er til enn betri lei til a rekja samsrin slandi. Allar helstu slensku samsriskenningarnar eiga nefnilega eitt sameiginlegt; FRAMSKNARFLOKKINN!

Fyrir skmmu rakst g njan flt gamalli samsriskenningu sem lngu er fari a sl , .e. hversvegna var John F Kennedy myrtur. Hr kemur hn stuttu mli.

5 dollara selar

What got President John F. Kennedy murdered? Notice the top bill (newly printed courtesy of JFK in 1963), reads (on the very top) "United States Note", while the bottom bill reads "Federal Reserve Note" (as bills still read today).

On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110,was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned (and thus ILLEGALLY placed in control of our currency, 100 years ago) Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

Nsta sa


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